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Banana benefits weight loss

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Banana Diet Tips and Warning

1. Warning: The banana diet has nothing to eat bananas as the main meal to be done.

It would be crazy if you eat your meals bananas. Uh, you need protein and fats, good for your diet. If you ate nothing but bananas, would be as many nutrients, minerals and vitamin deficiency. Moreover, it is pure torture only eat bananas.

I know you're smarter than that, but I wanted to make sure those who get a little too aggressive with their tactics diet.

2. Tips - There are two ways to do this diet and a combination method

You can eat two bananas, three separate times per day snacks between meals. 2 You can eat bananas with meals ... One before and one after each meal (I do not advise this way). OR ... a combo where you can eat a banana with 3 meals and 1 banana 3 different times as a snack.

If I had the choice, I would the first or the third way ... probably the third way. Why? First, use banana snacks. By using only them for your meals, you can create a few problems when it is time for a snack in between. So it is important to use them as a snack.

It is also important to be included with a meal, because bananas live enzymes that digest your food better. Good digestion is critical to the long-term weight loss progress.

This is just a short article, but hopefully I have some ideas on how to lose weight effectively with the banana diet.

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