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Best exercises and tips for heart patients

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We all know the importance of heart, which is the one of the very important organs of our body. Heart is the major organ that keeps us all going well. With the help of cardiac exercises, we can decrease the risk of heart diseases. We can make our heart stronger with just a small number of changes in your way of life.

Following are some of the cardiovascular exercises which can be completed at house as well as in the open air.

There are various cardiovascular exercises which are suggested by heart specialists, like running, cycling, swimming and walking rapidly. In general aerobic exercise carries greater benefits than the weight lifting type exercise.


Swimming is an aerobic exercise for heart patients. It’s very useful, and it can produce excellent results in a short period of time, particularly if you are not accustomed to body to building. Swimming should be done approximately 30 to 60 minutes daily for avoiding heart diseases.


Walking is one of the simplest and most available aerobic exercises. Heart patient can vary the intensity to match his fitness level. Other than walking shoes, it does not require any special equipment.  Walking is a good choice for starting their first exercise program. The older age heart patients can adopt this exercising routine as it is the best choice for them.


Cycling is another best exercise for avoiding heart diseases. Cycling is unique type of aerobic exercise with wide appeal and value. In this exercise you can use a stationary or regular bike. A program that combines walking and cycling may provide cardiovascular benefits without inducing the limiting pain as quickly. Cycling helps the heart without the mechanical stress on the back, hips, knees and ankles that walking can cause. Therefore, those with heart conditions should address a program with their physician before starting. Water aerobics and water walking are good alternatives for those with heart diseases. This exercise also gives attractive results in joint pain problems.


Stretching is another beast exercise for heart diseases. Stretching the arms and legs before and after exercising helps prepare the muscles for activity and helps prevent injury and muscle strain. Regular stretching also increases your range of motion and flexibility for aerobic exercises.

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