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Good workout plan for Biceps/Back day?

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Biceps Exercises For Women

There are some biceps exercises that work better for women than other training exercises available. Try adding these to your workout routine to build larger and more toned biceps. Remember with any of these bicep exercises to exhale on the curl or lift and inhale as you uncurl. Breathing properly during the entire rep is very important as well, also stretching the biceps at the bottom of the exercises and squeezing the biceps at the top of the exercises in-between each exercise stretch the biceps as well.

List of biceps exercises.

Cable Curls: this hits the outer head with a close grip and the inner head of the biceps with a wide grip.

You will need a cable station to do this biceps exercise. Use a straight bar to connect to the lowest pulley on the cable station. Add enough weight so that there is tension for your biceps, but not too much that it is uncomfortable or too difficult. Hold the bar at thigh level and have your palms facing outward, with your arms straight and elbows tucked in. Make sure your back is straight as well and bend your knees slightly. Curl the bar to your chest and lower it back to the starting position.

Dumbbell Curls: this hits the whole inner and outer head of the biceps.

Dumbbell curls are a very common and simple biceps exercise. However, it is very effective in developing larger, stronger and tones biceps. Pick up a dumbbell in each hand, with your palms facing upward. Make sure your elbows are kept to your sides and your arms are straight down at your sides. Curl the dumbbell upward to your shoulder, to where it almost touches your shoulder. Your palms will be facing your shoulders now. Lower back to the starting position and switch to the other arm.

Concentration Curls: this hits the peak of the biceps.

Concentration curls use dumbbells as well and a flat bench. In this biceps exercise Sit on the bench, slightly bent over and pick up a dumbbell in each hand. Your legs should be shoulder width apart. Hold the dumbbells, so that your palms are facing upward. Your elbows should be resting against the inner part of your knees. Bend over, with your back straight, and curl the dumbbells up to your shoulders. These can be done by alternating arms or doing both arms at the same time. Curl the dumbbells up and uncurl until your arms are straight done between your legs again.

Preacher Curls: This also hits the peak of the biceps but if done with a close grip will hit the outer head of the biceps.

A preacher curl also requires dumbbells and a preacher bench. In this biceps exercise Pick up a dumbbell in each hand, with your palms facing upward. Sit or stand at a preacher bench and put your arms over the bench. Your armpit should be at the top of the pad. Keep your arms straight in front of you. Starting with the right arm, curl the dumbbell to your shoulder. Your forearm should be almost vertical to the floor. Keep your elbow pressed against the pad, it should not lift up when doing the curls. Lower the right arm until it is straight again and switch to the left arm.

All of these biceps exercises are good for women bodybuilders and women who want to tone there biceps up, as they allow them to keep good form and don’t put too much stress on the joints.

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