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Chest Workouts and Chest Exercises for a Bullet Proof Chest

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The Best Chest Workouts

Good Introduction chest workouts

So you’ve melted off all of the fat with the best weight loss system you could find and you’ve learned how to build muscle fast but now you’re stuck. You’ve reached a plateau. You have an armada of circuits at your disposal but you are looking for something to put the finishing touches on your chiseled chest. The best chest workouts are equally effective in building chest muscles, building shoulder muscles and strengthening core muscles. Here are three pushup variations designed to take you to the next level.

Spiderman Push Ups

Spiderman push ups are a challenging exercise for your triceps and chest. If you perform them properly you should look like Spiderman climbing up the side of a building, but just on the floor. Start in standard push up position. As you lower yourself to the down position, bring your right knee to your right elbow. As you return to the up position, return your leg to the standard push up position. As you lower your torso for the next repetition, bring the left leg to the left elbow, then return it as you go back up. The torque from the movement of your legs is great for your core, and the drastic shift in balance simulates the strain of one-armed push ups.

Hindu Push Ups

Have been a mainstay of Indian wrestlers for centuries and perhaps millennia. They have been recognized to be one of the most beneficial and comprehensive body-weight exercises ever. Along with Hindu squats, the Hindu push up is my preferred method of warm up for soccer games. They warn up and stretch the entire body in a very short period of time. The Hindu pushup not only increases upper body strength but also promotes flexibility in the back and legs.

Start in the up position with your legs wide apart, your hands on the ground wider than shoulder width your butt raised high in the worse possible form to have to do a standard push up. You should look like an upside down “V.” Swoop down from the starting position in a “u” shaped motion. The descent places lots of stress on your arms and upper chest and shoulders. Despite this, you should maintain control so that you end up in the so that you arch your back and end up in the shape of a “u” looking up at the ceiling. Then push back up to the start position. A friend of mine rehabbed his shoulder using this exercise.

“T” Push Ups

You can start off using standard pushup position. Lower just like a normal pushup. Push back up. As you come up roll your so that you are holding yourself up on your right hand with your body perpendicular to the ground and your right hand reaching for the sky. Return to the start position and repeat with your other hand. same time, raise your hand to the sky, making a straight line from one hand to the other, like the letter “T ” lying on its side.


Now you are equipped with all you need to take you to “Adonis” level. Good luck as you build the best chest workout ever.

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