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Does anyone know where the sell blackhead removal tools?

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What are the Best Blackhead Removal Methods?

Have you found yourself in search of better blackhead removal options? Not only do they cause you great discomfort when they are first discovered, but removing blackheads improperly can leave the surrounding area sore and open to infection. Fortunately there are a few home remedies that can make those dreaded black heads easier to deal with.

Blackheads can affect any type of skin but more often the oilier the skin, the more at risk you leave yourself. They are formed when there is oil (sebum) that is trapped within a pore. As the oil trapped in the pore begins to oxidize it turns black and becomes hard, forming a plug. More often than not you will experience blackheads in areas that are more difficult to properly clean like the sides of the nostrils or near the eyebrows.

These are not the only places that blackheads appear though. Other common places are on the chest, back, or anywhere that might be susceptible to a build up of sebum. Blackhead removal is important because if left untreated it will continue to grow and stretch out the pore. Once a pore is stretched out then it is more likely to develop into another blackhead or a whitehead in the future unless you watch the area closely.

Removing blackheads is not a very hard process to do by yourself, as long as there is no infection. One method you might consider for is to first soften the skin either by taking a hot shower or by using a hot compress over the affected area. By softening the blockage, you are making it much easier for the oxidized sebum to be removed without damaging the surrounding skin tissue or the affected pore.

Before even attempting blackhead removal, be absolutely sure that your skin is clean and softened up as much as possible. Wrap some gauze around your index finger and thumb and squeeze with moderate pressure. If you do not have gauze in your medicine cabinet you can also use a cotton ball to keep bacteria from entering the pore after the blackhead has been removed. Removing blackheads can be tricky, but it is important to remember that if you have to apply too much pressure then you shouldn’t try any further. You do not want to damage the pore and give yourself a future problem.

There is a professional blackhead remover that is available in almost every beauty supply store. This tool is your best weapon for removing black heads. You may have even seen this tool without knowing its purpose. On one end is a scoop with a hole in the middle of it, and the other is a lance. Basically you would use this tool after cleaning the skin and completely softening the area. Removing the blackheads is made easy with the scoop end. Position the scoop end over the area and apply pressure. With very little pressure the blackhead remover works its magic and dislodges the oxidized sebum without damaging the pore.

Whether you are removing blackheads with a special blackhead remover or with a simple cotton ball, one thing is for certain…they can be easily removed as long as you know what you are doing. Just remember to not apply too much pressure, and properly clean and soften the face before attempting to remove the blackhead. Whatever you do, do not pick at your blackhead, this will only create more of a problem.

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