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GENTLE DENTAL CARE has been planned to provide quality dental treatments

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Getting Gentle Dental Care in Downers Grove

If you’re getting the needed preventative care, that’s all well and good, but what about when teeth are getting cavities and decay, gums are receding, or you have tooth pain? That’s when a lot of care needs to go into your dental work, to make it as painless and easy as possible.

Patients with pain or oral problems want to choose the best Downers Grove dentist shop they can find, a shop that will take care of oral problems with the least pain and hassle.


Periodontitis or gum disease is what hygienists call a “silent epidemic”; millions of Americans suffer from receding gums and gumline disease, even loss of bone density when gumline infections reach the jaw.

For mid-range care, after gum disease has started, dentists will use “root scaling” procedures to scrape plaque from under the gumline. This intrusive practice can be scary or painful for some patients.

However, a skilled dentist shop can use new tools and state of the art methods to get your teeth plaque free and get you back to that easy half-hour cleaning.

When it comes to treating periodontitis and a host of other dental issues, a dentist at the top of his/her game can use advanced treatment technologies to make sure their work is easy on the patient.

Kinder, Gentler Methods

One way Downers Grove dentists can provide some ease in dental repair is with “water laser” tools. These cutting edge resources minimize the sensations when a dentist goes in for work below the gumline or other intrusive care. Ask if your Downers Grove dentists shop uses this technology.

IV Sedation

As dentists get more savvy about how to motivate patients to get the care they need, there have been big changes in the way doctors provide that care.

For patients who suffered under the old dental regime of yesteryear, where the only thing you could get in the chair was a shot of novocaine, today’s dentists have the answer: IV sedation puts patients in a “twilight state”, making dental work less frightening and more bearable, so patients don’t end up putting off care until it’s too late.

Because it empowers wary patients to get dental work done, IV sedation is a real breakthrough. It’s a boon for dentists who would otherwise have to wrangle with balking patients, and a real service to patients who postpone visits to the dentists indefinitely because of their dread of the chair.

Locals can check to see if their Downers Grove dentist uses these kinds of methods to provide the best patient experience, and to get great personalized care results for each individual patient, because every mouth is different.

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